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If you are intersted in gemstone meanings, this page will give you some information on the various stones that are featured in my jewelry.

As I'm sure you realize, there is a wealth of information, both fact and lore, pertaining to gemstones - their mystical meanings and powers, their chemical make-up, their history and uses in times past.

Here you will find what I have gleaned from many sources, but this list is by no means all-inclusive!
If you are seeking a more ehaustive listing of gemstone meanings, you may find one of the links, which I have included at the bottom of this page, to be of greater help to you.

For the time being, I have listed those gemstones which I am currently working with, as well as a few of the other "major" ones. I will try to keep adding to this list so that you might get a good bit of help here, without having to go searching out on the web again!

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Photo - amethyst stone & beads

February birthstone (traditional)
Amethyst is a member of the quartz family.
Gemstone Meaning:
Amethyst is said to calm the emotions, create clarity of thought, and assist in attaining wisdom.
It is also believed to draw the attention beyond the mind, to the realm of pure spiritual knowledge; and to help one let go of all that is old and holds back, in order to fully embrace one's spiritual destiny.
Color: Translucent pale lilac to dark purple
Hardness: 7.0
Source: Sri Lanka, Brazil, Canada and East Africa

March birthstone (traditional)
Aquamarine can be any shade of blue or blue-green, but clear blue aquamarine is generally more valuable than a stone which has traces or streaks of other colors in it.
Gemstone Meaning:
In folklore, aquamarine was believed to protect sailors at sea, and prevent seasickness, as well as other types of stomach ailments.
Aqaumarine is believed to aid in releasing anxiety and fear, to help relaxation on long journeys, give insight and perception when dealing with people, and give protection. Aquamarine gemstones are also credited with aiding in mental clarity and meditation.
Color: Clear blue-green
Pictured: Glass beads in a bright aquamarine shade make for a striking bracelet.

Gemstone Meaning:
Carnelian is said to stimulate one's analytical capabilities and enable precision. It is also believed to protect against envy, fear and rage, and to help banish sorrow.
No additional info at this time
Pictured: Butterscotch Carnelian in a bracelet also featuring sugilite and red jasper.
This bracelet is available for purchase.
Length - 8 inches

April birthstone (traditional)
A diamond is an 8-sided crystal. It is the hardest of all known minerals, and can only be scratched by another diamond.Diamonds occur in a variety of colors and are composed of pure carbon.
Gemstone Meaning:
This well known mineral is believed to powerfully absorb and amplify the thoughts of its user, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of other gems and their wearers!
Ancients also used the diamond for detoxication as it is said to protect from poisons.
Color: Varied
Hardness: 10

Emerald thumbnail

May birthstone (traditional)
Ranging from light to dark green, emeralds are often embedded with bits of other substances. A perfectly clear emerald is both rare and expensive.
Gemstone Meaning:
In folklore, emeralds have been credited with aiding fertility, improving eyesight, and giving their wearer psychic powers!
The beautiful green stone has been said to lift depression and insomnia. It is also believed to give knowingness of the heart, peaceful dreams, and to transmit balance, healing & patience.
Color: light to dark green

January birthstone (traditional)
Garnets are often found as crystals, and can be yellow, green or black, as well as the most commonly associated color, deep red.
Gemstone Meaning:
Garnets were once believed to protect against snakebites, food poisoning and hemorrhage. They have long been associated with blood purification.
Color: Ranges in color from colorless to black, but is not blue.
Hardness: 6.0 - 7.5
Source: Kenya, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Australia, Argentina, South Africa.
Pictured: Garnet is featured in this bracelet design accented with sterling-plated silver spacers.
This bracelet is available for purchase.
Garnet with silver-plated accent beads and sterling silver lobster claw closure.
About 7 inches long

Hematite is a compact form of iron oxide, containing 70% iron. The gemstone varies in compactness and form, but usually appears as a dull, red, earthy mass. Its streak is blood-red.
The hematite that is most often seen in jewelry rarely shows any trace of this red coloration,but it was in fact used by ancients as a source of red dye.
Gemstone Meaning:
Hematite is believed to reduce stress and anxiety and also to promote awareness of personal issues and patterns.
Color: Metallic Gray
Hardness: 5.0 - 6.5
Source: England, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Brazil, New Zealand, U.S
Pictured: A hematite and garnet bracelet - simple, dramatic, and lovely.
This bracelet is available for purchase.
Pretty floral bead caps and heart-shaped lobster-claw closure are sterling silver.
About 7 inches long.

Jasper is a member of the chalcedony family.
Gemstone Meaning:
Jasper is used by gemstone therapists to heal mental stress. It is said to aid in grounding,
to give protection, and to help align all the chakras and balance yin-yang energies.
Color: Multi-colored, Solid. Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green
Hardness: 6.5 - 7.0
Source: Worldwide
Pictured: Leopardskin Jasper stone beads.

Necklace - Black Onyx Jan07
Onyx is part of the chalcedony family.
Gemstone Meaning:
Onyx is said to stabilize and heal root chakra, and to increase grounding and productiveness.
Colors: Blue, Blue Lace, Moss, Pink, Red, Snakeskin
Hardness: 6.5 - 7.0
Source: Worldwide
Pictured: Necklace features a dramatic black onyx pendant that dangles from a string of freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystal beads.
Available for purchase.
About 20 inches long.
Freshwater pearl, Swarovski crystal; Black Onyx pendant set in sterling silver.

Nevada opal thumbnail
October birthstone (traditional)
Opal is a silicate. It is fragile and can fade or crack from sun, heat, salt, even acidic foods.
Gemstone Meaning:
It is believed that opals clarify by amplifying and mirroring feelings, buried emotions and desires, including love and passion. Opal is said to aid in visualization, imagination, dreams, and healing.

June birthstone (traditional)
Unlike all the other birthstones, which are formed by inorganic substances, a pearl, as you well know, is formed by a living organism - an oyster or other mollusk. The pearl begins as nothing more than a piece of grit which enters the mollusk. The piece of grit is layered with a substance (called nacre) which is triggered by the mollusk as a defence mechanism against the foreign body. The result, over time, is a precious and beautiful pearl.
Gemstone Meaning:
Pearls have variously been associated with chastity, power, courage, or modesty. They have been seen as symbols of a pure heart and mind, innocence, and faith.
Gold and black pearls are believed to bring prosperity.
Because the pearl comes from the sea, it is believed to have watery and lunar elements, and therefore to help balance the emotions.
Some divers believe wearing pearls will lend protection from sharks.

August birthstone (traditional)
Gemstone Meaning:
One of the oldest known gemstones, the peridot has been seen as symbolic of the sun, and believed to give protection from nightmares.
In more recent beliefs, peridot is thought to strengthen life, bring about prosperity, growth, and increase openness.
It is also believed to help one to understand relationships, and to alleviate depression, anger, fear, jealousy and anxiety.
Used by Egyptians, Aztecs, and Incas to gently cleanse and heal the physical heart.
Color: Clear bright lime-green or green-yellow; sometimes tinged with olive or brownish hues.

July birthstone (traditional)
Rubies are formed from the same mineral as Sapphires - the mineral corundum.
Gemstone Meaning:
Rubies in folklore were believed to give their wearers wisdom, aid in matters of love, and give protection against all types of misfortune.
Color: Bright red, brownish red, or red-violet
Source: Montana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Canada, California

September birthstone (traditional)
Sapphires come in all colors except red, because red pieces of the same mineral, corundum, are called rubies.The most popular shade for sapphires is a deep cornflower blue.
Gemstone Meaning:
In folklore, ancient priests believed that sapphires would help them in predicting the future.
Sapphires are associated with peace and happiness, and believed to help with communication, insight, intuition, inspiration, and prayer.
Color: Blue, green, pink, purple, clear

Gemstone Meaning:
Gemstone Therapists use Sodalite to purify the aura. It is believed that the sodalite absorbs and neutralizes any disharmony that would cause one to feel burdened, and also that it neutralizes negative thoughts and emotions directed toward you by others.
Color: Dark Blue with lighter blue and cream to white shading.
Hardness: 5.5
Source: Italy, Brazil, Canada, India, Namibia, U.S
Pictured: A longer necklace features lovely Sodalite stone beads with Oriental-themed porcelain beads interspersed.

Sugilite is named for the Japanese geologist who discovered the first specimens, Ken-ichi Sugi.
Gemstone Meaning:
Sugilite is considered an important healer's stone, which is used to gently draw out inflammation, stress, disease, and emotional blockages. It is believed that Sugilite absorbs and dissolves anger and unwanted energies.
Color: Purple
Hardness: 5.5
Source: South Africa
Pictured: Sugilite stone beads. Also see bracelet pictured under "Carnelian" heading.

Tiger Eye is a form of chalcedony quartz Cat's Eye. Tiger Eye gems are generally cut as cabochon, but also often into round pieces for necklaces and pendants.
Gemstone Meaning:
Tiger Eye gemstones are said to help convert anxiety, fear and obsessiveness into practicality and logic. It is said to increase confidence and clear thinking.
Color: Yellow-Gold, Blue, Red
Hardness: 7.0
Source: South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, Australia, U.S.

November birthstone (traditional)
The name topaz comes from the Greek topazos, meaning "a precious stone".
Heat-treating produces red or purplish-red stones.
Gemstone Meaning:
Believed in folklore to calm a bad temper and give strength, topaz was also ground into powder form and used as a cure for asthma and insomnia.
Today, topaz is said to give mental clarity, focus, perception, ability to grasp high-level concepts, confidence, personal power, and stamina. It is also recommended for mood swings, insomnia, worries, fears, depression, exhaustion, nervous system stress, and stomach anxiety.
Color: White, colorless, yellow, brownish-yellow, pink, blue-ish, greenish and orange
Source: New Hampshire, Colorado, Utah, California, Mexico

December birthstone (traditional)
Turquoise is a soft, opaque stone which has long been prized by Native Americans and holds strong symbolism for their peoples. It has steadily gained in popularity with the spread of Native American culture across the United States.
Turquoise will fade in sunlight, and can be affected by sweat, oil, and dishwater. It should never be exposed to chlorine bleach or similar products.
Gemstone Meaning:
In folklore, the Native Americans associated the colors of the turquoise stone with the blue sky and the green earth.It is still seen by many today as being symbolic of mankind's source (spirit / sky), and believed to impart wisdom.
Color: Light blue / blue-green.

***Please Note***

Much of the information above has been gleaned from many books and various websites, including the two websites listed below. The first site listed has a fairly exhaustive list of gemstone meanings.
You should be aware that there is a vast amount of information on the subject of gemstone meanings, and I have only included what seemed to be agreed on by a number of sources. There is certainly a great deal of variation from one source to the next.
To learn even more, I enourage you to visit these and other sites, do a site search of your own, or look for books on gemstones meanings and geology at your local library.

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