Handmade Jewelry
Created for the Dreamer In You

Welcome to I Bequeath Thee!

The handmade jewelry you will find here abounds with Swarovski crystal and intricate crochet-work, natural stone elements, and the kind of attention to detail that makes a piece of jewelry extra special and meaningful.

Everything you see here is created with one thing in mind, whether it is an intricate crocheted choker or a pair of simple yet elegant earrings with a single crystal drop.
The purpose is to create a feeling of old-world elegance, timeless romance, or something other-worldly.

This is the signature of every piece of handmade jewelry designed by I Bequeath Thee.
Each piece is a unique original, carefully thought out, created with attention to quality and workmanship.
You are sure to find something that pleases you, as a gift for someone special, or perhaps for yourself!
And you will be pleasantly surprised to find that this beautiful jewelry is quite affordable!

Whether you wish for the warmth and simplicity that handmade jewelry affords, or the ability to customize your own uniquely elegant set, you have come to the perfect place. The goal of I Bequeath Thee is to provide you with jewelry pieces that are exactly want you want: the right color, the right size, in a style you love!

You will also find much more than jewelry here; this website has become my little haven for focusing on those things which I have found to be great sources of beauty, joy, and inspiration in my own life.
I have created pages that are dedicated to a few of my favorite things, and are designed for no other reason than to bring enjoyment to my visitors.
There are also some pages which are purely informational, and I hope they will be of help to you.

I do hope you will enjoy your visit here, and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, or simply to leave me feedback on this site. I greatly value you, my visitor, and would be happy to hear from you!

Now come, explore the site, and indulge yourself
in beautiful dreams...

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You are listening to "Les Poules Huppees", played by Celtic harpist
* Sarah Marie Mullen *
For more on her music, visit my page titled Olde English.

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Shipping and Returns Info
Standard shipping through the USPS as well as Proirity Mail are offered.
Gemstone Meanings
If you're curious about gemstone meanings , this will provide a short list as well as links to more...
Traditions - Birthstones and Flowers of the Months
Love traditions? Here is a helpful list of birthstones as well as flowers associated with each of the twelve months of the year.
Types of Crystal
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The Science Behind Healing Crystals
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Original Artwork
I am very proud to present this page and the first submission of original artwork so far!
Original Artwork Wanted
I Bequeath Thee is looking for artists who would like to see their original artwork featured on the website!
Contact I Bequeath Thee
Contact I Bequeath Thee
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